Sunday, August 8, 2010

Richie Knucklez Invitational

Richie had his tournament and open house for KLOV forum members this weekend, and Shawn and I were lucky enough to join in today's festivities. As always, the games are A+ and everyone is super welcoming and friendly. Richie and Paige are amazing hosts.

I have to admit that I feel comfortable in a lot of social situations, but I found myself pretty starstruck when I looked over and spotted Robert Mruczek. Of course, we've seen the movies a bunch of times, but even more so, I've been working to try and get my Star Wars score up and was in awe of his skill. Between the youtube videos, "High Score", "Chasing Ghosts" and "King of Kong", we've seen more Mruczek flicks than Tom Cruises movies in our lifetime.

I shook off my nerves and asked if he would teach me a bit about Star Wars and show me how to play. He was super awesome; totally cool and welcome to humor someone of my (currently) marginal skill level. After we got home, I felt determined and immediately started up a game of Star Wars. I was able to break a million for the first time because I was trying out some of the tricks from today. Also awesome to see such good gamers in Richie's place, like current Donkey Kong champ Hank Chien, Donald Hayes, Steve Wagner, Mr. Do champ Jimmy Linderman, and many other awesome players.

Richie hauled out some games to the parking lot and took a shot of all his visitors this weekend, a la Life Magazine. It made for a fun day. I'm sure Richie will be posting some pictures and stuff on his site soon enough!

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  1. Meg,

    Congrats on breaking the 1M mark on Star Wars, before you know it, you'll be posting 2.5M. It was great to meet you and Shawn at Richie's, hope I can visit next time I get down to the area for a Phils game.



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