Friday, November 26, 2010

Come Out to Support High Scores!

Our new, loyal gamer friends are welcome to join us during our first Classic Arcade Gaming Dot Com Mini-Contest!!

The contest is set for SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12 from 6-9 pm. Its a no-pressure contest - all you need to do is get your name up on our high score board, and if not, at least you had fun :)

Its just 5 bucks to enter with the chance to win at least $10 and random prizes we come up with before then...contest titles are: Centipede, Do! Run Run, DK Jr, Joust, Ladybug, Ms Pac-Man Turbo, Paperboy, Star Castle, Super Pac-Man, and Track & Field. Full disclosure: Do! Run Run, Lady Bug, and the Pac-Man titles are on multicabinets. Full contest details and sign up are hosted by your friend and ours, Mark Alpiger, at his site:

Afraid your other half will be bored? Send them to Burlington's 30th Annual House Tour, beginning at 3:30 pm. The city is all sorts of lit up for the holidays with fun little things going on for the rest of the family all weekend. Check it out here.

Regular High Scores visitors and our current score holders aren't an easy bunch to beat...check out Randy's newly achieved Donkey Kong High Score of 402,700 on our score board. While DK isn't a contest game, it just goes to show our customers got game so come prepared!

Any questions about the contest, drop us a note @

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New High Scores

Wow! Took a little hiatus from posting lately, sorry about that. In the meantime, while I was being lazy, people were blazing their names onto the High Scores Board.
First off, Randy Y. handily brought down Mike W's place for Donkey Kong with an outstanding score of 334, 300.
But don't cry for Mike W...he came around and set scores for Do! Run Run (102,250), Mario Bros. (95,510), and Frogger (15,770). Neighborhood gamer Stacey gets to see his name on the big board for a score of 102,250 for Mr Do!
In other news...we're looking forward to Richie Knucklez December 11 Tronoff event. Check it out here. High Scores will be there and we welcome gamers to come around on Sunday, December 12 to check out our games...and play more Tron if you didn't get enough!!