Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Airport Lands at High Scores...and This Week's Highlights!

Today we welcomed a new addition to the arcade museum - Airport, a 1969 Gottlieb. The back glass is in perfect condition, and the characters it features are definitely a lot of fun - busty stewardesses lounging around waiting for you to score points. They might be waiting a little while, as its actually kind of a difficult game with the itty bitty flippers Gottlieb featured back then. Can't wait for some of you to check it out!

Some other updates as High Scores enters our 2nd week open to the public (and our friends!) In addition to Airport, you'll be able to try your hand at Leman Racing and Scramble this week as they get back up and running tomorrow.

For our CAGDC and KLOV friends, we're featuring two contests this week. The first, alas, will bring only braggin rights. We're offering complimentary play of the paddle game KABOOM on a Darth Vader Atari 2600. The High Score will be posted at the end of the week (Sunday, 8/15).
The second contest is running until 9/5: the Pac-Man LOW SCORE contest. Achieve the longest possible game play on Pac-Man without exceeding 950 points. Your time ends when your first man dies and/or you exceed (by ANY increment) 950 points, no tricks barred. Shawn currently holds the house score of 17 mins, 32 seconds.
The winner with the highest time gets to bring up to 8 friends to enjoy 950 free credits for a 3 hour session (to be scheduled by winner pending our availability).
Hope to see you guys this week!

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