Monday, March 7, 2011

Check Out High Scores in Today's Paper!

High Scores is featured on the front page of today's Burlington County Times!

Thanks to all the top-notch gamers that came out to compete this weekend - check out the article here!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Donald Hayes Challenge Update!

What a weekend for High Scores! We had some SERIOUS gamers in here this weekend, I mean like bow-to-them type gamers, including the likes of Donald Hayes, David Cruz, Mark Sellers, Steve Wagner, DK contender Ben Falls, the always fabulous Super Supreme, and many other world classers. Bill Holmes saves the day and Don Hayes wins, there's a summary of events :)

But really, we'll be posting a real recap of weekend highlights - including video and photos throughout the week so stop by! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! to contest organizer Mark Alipiger of Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) and everyone who travelled such a distance to join us! More to come!
Check out the Shawn Lov YouTube channel for the first two videos from the weekend!
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