Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily High Scores

Hello All! Fun Friday night at High Scores! Thanks to all the forum friends who came around to check us out, good to meet you all.

Doing some erasing and re-recording on the High Score board tonight...Mike W (MRW) rocked it out on a few titles tonight, including Donkey Kong (183,600) and a hard-earned Star Castle (11,920). Looks like last night's Star Castle score lasted less than 24 hours! While not on the High Score board, he also recorded our highest on Pengo, which is being added to our High Score house binder of scores.

Local friend Bill W (EWW) snuck up and stole Space Invaders (6,620). TJ Reddick's artwork brought some new peeps from across the bridge, and we have a faithful Ms PacMan contender who's determined to bring down that score.

Thanks to all tonight's visitors!

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