Sunday, February 27, 2011

World Record Holders Play at High Scores March 5-6, 2011

Oh man oh man oh weekend is going to be full of fun at High Scores. Come and play against some of the top gamers in classic arcade gaming, including Donald Hayes, David Cruz, Jimmy Linderman and the list goes on! Sign up for the contest here or come and take a peek in our arcade next weekend.

Contest Hours are:

Friday, March 4: 5-10 pm (practice)
Saturday, March 5: 11 am - 10 pm
Sunday, March 6: 10 am - 4 pm

Everyone is welcome to come and watch and play non-contest games (or everything if you're a contestant!) Come out to support classic gaming and High Scores!

Also, on a selfish note: I got a personal best of 1,337,474 on Star Wars. Making my way up!


Monday, February 21, 2011

SIGN UP NOW for the Donald Hayes Challenge!

We're really looking forward to being the hosts of the Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) Donald Hayes Challenge on Saturday, March 5 - Sunday, March 6. We're combining our already outstanding game list with some top titles on loan from Richie Knucklez - including Moon Patrol, Satans Hollow, and Crystal Castles!

An even more enticing reason to come? Gamers who have already signed up for the event include mutliple world record holder Donald Hayes, Frogger master Ben Falls, David Cruz of TRON fame, Moon Patrol expert Jimmy Linderman, world record holder and fellow arcade owner Richie Knucklez, Gorf champion Steve Wagner, and crusher-of-all-titles Bryan Wagner. Of course, there are many more top-notch guys slated to be in attendance, just too many to write!

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Sign up here if you want to come, play, and watch the masters at work like you used to in the mall arcades! If you're a Burlington (or South Jersey) local and want to support a new business and the hobby of classic gaming, please participate! We'll have TWO FULL DAYS of GAMING and fun prizes!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

High Scores Funky Hours Friday, February 18!

Hello gang:
High Scores will be varying from our normal hours on Friday, February 18 due to some unavoidable schedule conflicts. Please give us a call at 609-468-3083 before you come!

Please stop by to see us on Saturday from 2-10 pm!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

High Scores Updated Game List

Some peeps have been asking for our game listing, so here is the latest and greatest:


Punch! Out
The Grid
Karate Champ
Track and Field

Congo Bongo
Jungle King
Paper Boy
Offroad Thunder
Star Castle
Star Wars
Champion Baseball
Tekken 3
Street Fighter II


Burgertime cabinet (48-in-one including DK/DK Jr/DK 3, Galaga, Galaxian, Mr Do, Mappy, Frogger, Ladybug, Dig Dug, Qix, and more)

Pac Man cabinet (same game package as above)

Mario Bros cabinet (19-in-one including Mario, Super Mario, Do Run Run, Robotron, Defender, Ice Climber, Rally X, New Rally X, etc)

Jamma cabinet (currently featuring Soul Calibur)

NeoGeo (109 game package including Metal Slug series,


1969 Gottlieb Airport

1972 Williams Spanish Eyes

1973 Williams 4 Aces

Hope to see you!