Friday, August 6, 2010

High Scores Board Gets a Facelift!

High Scores had it's first full day 2pm-11:21pm! We almost made it to midnight (three hours passed closing) on a weeknight, and we had an amazing time meeting some fellow gamers who love the classics. We were thrilled to see some folks trickle in from our town throughout the day to play the games, but we were most excited to see a few amazing players come to put a dent in our High Score board! Steve W came through and straight bombed the board! He took Galaga, Jungle King, Centipede, Donkey Kong Jr, and some others- Steve is super nice on a whole BUNCH of games-- not just one or two. After he left, our friend Gary did manage to take down Steve's Star Castle score by a bit... and there is still a Paperboy score to be accounted for which was made after the daily pic of the scoreboard was taken. Greg B (Who now has both the Pac-Man and Asteroids Deluxe scores) and his wife Jess were also in the house- later on we were joined by some game enthusiasts from Atomic City Comics in Philly who have games at their location. It was especially nice to see the KLOV/ClassicArcadeGaming forum folks in the building-- anyone who has 6-15 arcade games in their basement, but still comes out to play those games on quarters really GETS what we're trying to do-- which is get together sometimes to play like the old days! Sincere thanks to everyone who came through to play our games today- we are working toward getting the store where it needs to be and we will try to keep a steady rotation of games to keep it exciting! It was an honor to have gamers of high caliber playing on the machines we used flashlights and guesswork and luck (and gametechs to fix our mistakes) to get running. See you soon! Shawn and Meg

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