Saturday, August 14, 2010

HOLY SH*T! A Kill Screen at High Scores!

Whew! What an awesome day at High Scores. Our new friend Sam (ZAZ) visited us from PA and totally shook down the score board. Sam is a world-class player who is trying to discover the kill screens for all of the different variations of Pac-Man that exist out there. He started his visit out by trying his hand at a little Galaga, and by setting a 98,700 on Mr Do and then, and then....

Then - God help us - he moved on to play the best Ms Pac Man (turbo) game I've ever seen in person - 2+ hours of play on one credit, complete with a kill screen and an overall score of 871,710. We're hoping that Sam will submit his scores officially some day, as this score would have taken #2 in Twin Galaxies. We are so honored to have welcomed such a talented player into our spot. Check out the video here.

Even more fun is that he had about 5-10 people crowding around his game to watch, lots of fun to introduce that level of awe and competition to the little kids who all walk around talking smack because they can beat their friend playing Modern Warfare 2 online. Mike W. came around for some late night gaming and grabbed up the spot on the board for Star Castle at 13,010.

Thanks to all of our visitors tonight - its super sweet to be able to raise the bar on our score board a bit!

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