Friday, August 20, 2010

Spotlight on Spanish Eyes

Hello all! We keep gaining more and more fans from the streets of Burlington coming to try their hand at competition. Our first weekend open, Sonnie Boy came through and set his score up on the board for the Spanish Eyes pin. Every day he checked to see if his name was still up...yesterday he visited to find out that Bill W came around and made Sonnie's score history with a new High Score of 93,820. Spanish Eyes is a pretty challenging pin, so we're impressed!
We've added some new names to our High Scores "Rookie Board" as well; some are re-polishing their skills that were dusty since the 80's, while others are discovering these games for the first time. Frequent visitor Anthony F. nailed his name up on Championship Baseball and continues to improve on Track and Field, while Stacey works his way up on DK Jr. Proving to be a strong player on most games, Philip had his best score yet on Donkey Kong.

Hoping to see some new scores broken this weekend - we'll keep you posted!

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