Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18 High Scores!!!

The moon must have been in the right position for gaming tonight - we had a lot of people make their way to the High Scores Rookie Board (and Pro Board!) today.

First up was Dawn, who made herself comfortable on Centipede with a score of 36, 202 on the Rookie Board. Then came Scott, who kicked off another score to be the leader in Champion Baseball at 13, 290. Then came Scott #2! who rocked out on a game of Galaga to take the Rookie Board High Score to 69,180. Last but not least, we all know the gamer who takes it seriously competes the hardest with him/herself...Amir came around and inched up his own Rookie Board standing on Ms Pac Man with 70,060.

Deciding that the Rookie Board was not where he belonged, Scott #2 gave some serious attention to Dig-Dug, and got his name up as the house High Score of 59,750.

Thanks to all that came out tonight - hope to see you again soon!

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