Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 11 High Scores!

Yesterday, Burlington City played host to the annual Wood Street Fair and we were lucky enough to reintroduce a bunch of new visitors to the games they remember playing way back when. We were open from 11 am - 11 pm, and there were very few moments when there weren't a good amount of people on the games. Thanks to everyone who came out to check us out yesterday! We had a great day!

Mike W came around and tried his hand for the first time at marathon Track and Field. He was working on his game for a while and eventually won the spot on the High Scores board by a huge margin to the previous high scorer, Anthony. I was happy to see his name go up in that spot, with a score of 276,980.

Shawn now holds the official High Scores board spot for TRON. Two of our neighborhood regulars, Cameron and Jonny Blaze, are in a hotly contested battle for the rookie board TRON score so its fun to see them have at it almost daily. The drawback to now having TRON is that we have been distracted from working on our scores for the upcoming CAGDC 2010 Tournament at Richie Knucklez. Its likely that I'm going to embarrass myself but hey, all in good fun!

Open again on Wednesday - hope to see you soon!

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