Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday, December 3 - New High Scores!! Christmas Parade!

If you're the type to step into the world of whimsy and make believe that video games offer, than you must still believe in Santa, right?

Well if you do, today is Burlington City's Annual Christmas Parade, and it goes right down High Street in front of High Scores! The parade begins at 5 pm, come on out and get your gaming (and hot cocoa, and tree lighting) on! Just remember, no parking on High Street during that time!

Also, we've added some new High Scores to the Pro Board, courtesy of Sam Miller (ZAZ). Check them out! There are also new scores for Tetris, scored by Chris Bucca on his birthday, and Gyruss, by Russ who continues to be his own best competition.

Have you been to visit lately? If not, you should! We've got some new games including Aerosmith's Revolution X, Smash and Drive, and Sega Turbo Outrun cockpit. Hope to see you soon!

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