Monday, July 4, 2011

High Scores Welcomes Lonnie McDonald

We were lucky enough last week to get a visit from Lonnie McDonald of Kansas City. Lonnie found himself with some business to do on the east coast, so he mapped out some key locations along the way that had dedicated Joust machines. He at one point had been declared a Joust pro by the Williams Company, and is determined to put scores up on that level again. Armed with a big box of diverse candy selections, he came to High Scores first on Wednesday with the intention of rolling over the machine at 10,000,000. Unfortunately, he hadn't been counting his men during the course of the game, and he died a little over 9.3 million.

So he returned on Thursday night, and after about six and a half hours, rolled the score over so that his score on the machine remains as 9,999,999. Check out the video here - we wish Lonnie well on his road to greatness!

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