Monday, September 27, 2010

CAGDC Tournament, Mark Alpiger and Mario Bros!!

Whew, where do I start? We had a pretty lively weekend. It started when I (predictably) embarrassed myself at The Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) World Record Tournament at Richie Knucklez. Some top-notch gamers were in attendance to shake things up a bit, including Donald Hayes, Jimmy Linderman and Steve Wagner. I would put a link up to the results, but instead of making it that easy to mock my scores, I'll let everyone work to find it instead.

Following the Tournament we welcomed Mark Alpiger to crash for the night so he could come and check out High Scores. Mark showed off his Paperboy skills, but it was a late night for us all. Rest assured, Mark was up and at 'em early Sunday to work on finalizing the scores from the tournament! Afterward, he got his Gururin cartridge up on the Neo Geo and rocked out a bit.

Many thanks to Mark for putting together a fun tournament this year and making the trip to see High Scores Arcade!

And last, but oh no certainly not least, we welcomed a new acquisition - a beautiful Mario Bros. cabinet showcasing 19 games: Mario Bros., Super Mario, Ice Climber, Splat, Defender, Robotron and others. So now I can finally say "yes" when I'm asked if we have Mario Bros. every day!!


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