Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 28 High Scores

Weekends are the times for erasing and renewing the High Scores Board as skilled gamers come through the door. It started with Phillip B (FIL), who put up a 17,250 in Star Castle. He also bumped up his own record on Joust with 118,000. Nice job, Phillip!

Gary H (GDH) got a 6,072, finally replacing the default score we set for our 4 Aces Pinball, which no one has even come close to getting.

Mike W (MRW) always sneaks in the door and ends up with his name on the board. He now holds the Donkey Kong High Score with 316,800, Pac Man with 161,080, and Ladybug (a new addition to the board) with 212,060. Here he is in the picture showing off :)

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