Wednesday, July 28, 2010

High Scores Approved to Open!

Hello all....

For those that don't know, the idea of opening an "arcade" scares some people in a close knit community, who only really remember arcades in their heyday that invited crowds of kids. Shawn and I have been working on getting our business, High Scores, approved in our town since April. We've had to meet a lot of new folks - having to secure the signatures of all landowners within 200' of our property in a 4 day span, and got to know other business owners, too. It was a fairly uphill battle, with a lot of people warning us that the town will be resistant to the idea of an arcade in our historic district.

Alas, tonight we argued our case for an Interactive Vintage Arcade Museum - a stipulation of our opening is that 90% of our collection must be at least 20 years old, so being classic heavy is a good thing for us here. At last, we were approved unanimously by the board that we can open our doors to the public!

So High Scores will be officially opening next week...there are still some things to finalize, like getting our sign outside posted and some finishing touches, but the games will be on and ready for you all to set some high scores!

Thank you all for your support - we hope to see you soon!

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